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Fibre Air+

  • Fibre optics speed
  • Unlimited browsing!

19,95 for the first month
then 39,95 € a month

4G portable Internet

  • 90 GB with wifi router included
  • Perfect for remote working or holidays

29,95 €/month
Final price

Fibre Air LTU

  • Perfect for our most demanding clients
  • Max speed thanks to our superfast network!

29,95 for the first month
then 59,95 € a month

What Do We Offer?

In holaWifi we believe that having Internet is not a luxury and have installed one of the most extensive wireless networks to reach you wherever you go. And we still keep moving forward, always investing to improve our network and covering new areas in which to offer our service. On top of that, we don’t only offer internet! Everything you need: internet, cell phone networks, 5G… always knowing how much will it be. Sign up for the tariff you are that gets your interest the most and combine both services however you want. Your choice!

Do you have coverage?

With our superfast network Fibre Air LTU we can reach you wherever you are.

And since we also enjoy talking to people and being close to our clients, we ask you for your personal details to get in contact with you and confirm the signal in your area.


The client and our work team are the most important thing to us. Because of that, we always look forward to give and excellent experience. A commercial and technical service, plus a kind and personalized treatment, as well as having a satisfied work team are our way to go to achieve our goal. We are a family.

Constant improvement and innovation

We are committed to get better everyday in what we do and to develop new solutions to tend to your needs. Of course, we do this while keeping in mind the quality of our service and customer service.


We identify and make the most of the opportunities the market gives use by adapting as quickly as possible to our client’s and work team’s needs.


It is our duty to give a fair and transparent treatment with our clients and work team, and is our goal to become excellent in our field.


We are identifiable for the determination we face our challenges with. We are always ready to take a step further.

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  • Commercial Assistant +34 635 30 30 30